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Welcome to Efes hardware certification system

Efes is a graphical user interface being able to run under (almost) every Linux distribution, so that the system administrator is assured that the underlying hardware is compatible with Linux.

So the main issue is to implement a hardware recognition and certification system under Linux.

I hope to get some help from the Linux community as the software matures. In fact, most of the test procedures are already defined and will be introduced here in a while. So only the automation scripts to help run the compatibility tests will be implemented.

What Efes is not

This test suite will not be used or aiming to
  • Enhance the system performance
  • Display system usage, uptime, cpu, memory and any other peripheral information.
  • Diagnose or configure the cards
  • Format or partition disk devices
  • Analyse or repair filesystem
There are already plenty of software out there for such tasks.. Have a look at Freshmeat or Sourceforge Trova.

Internet will be the main driving force for my work. This is mainly because there're not-so-plenty of documents and research papers to be gathered from Turkish and international libraries.


At the very moment, I'm struggling to find answers for the following:
  • Choosing the right language for the GUI (this wille be Qt)
  • Specifying what open software to be use
  • Dedicating a web site for this research

So keep having a look at here. I welcome contributors.

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Sat Jan 11 16:15:01 UTC 2003